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    Ys Eternal (PC version of Ys. Book 1 & 2)


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    Ys Eternal (PC version of Ys. Book 1 & 2)

    Post by genkicoll on Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:22 pm

    Ys Eternal

    You may have seen me extolling the virtues of the game Ys, elsewhere,
    but I have new information, including where you can download it

    First, what is Ys?

    Ys Book I and II
    is a game made for the CD-attachment for the
    game console, Turbo-Grafx. As far as I know, the Turbo-Grafx was the
    first gaming system to use full-sized CDs for games. In looking for a
    download, I've seen it described as a "cult classic". I guess I fall
    into that category, as I LOVE it!

    At first glance, Ys is your typical throwback game, with chibi (little)
    characters that run around doing quests to collect experience (so you
    can go up levels) and gold (so that you can buy new equipment). This
    game does have a much deeper level to it, though. This is the first
    console game I ever saw with animated cutscenes - and at the time, they
    were amazing! They still don't look bad today!
    There are intermittent voice overs, and the cutscenes all have voice
    overs, as well. There is a driving story that takes you seamlessly from
    Book I to Book II (If I recall correctly, they were on different
    disks... either that, or it took a different loading cycle - I'll come
    back to that, though).

    I'm going to talk here about Ys Eternal, as I have not played the Turbo-Grafx version for several years. So, what is Ys Eternal, you ask? Ys Eternal
    is a wonderfully extended version of Ys Book I and II. There are whole
    new scenes to visit, new characters, new monsters, extra storyline, and
    new ways to interact with characters.

    Story - Adol Christian is the red-headed
    warrior who will save the land of Ys. from destruction. Along the way
    you will fight evil demons, help villages, save kidnapped people, find
    ancient relics and become a conduit for the twin goddesses. You'll even
    become... Well, I don't want to give too much away

    Combat is very simple - all you have to do
    is is "run into" the enemy. Sounds easy enough, but there is some
    strategy to it. If you hit them at an angle (diagonally), you're much
    less likely to get hit, yourself. You can actually kill enemies that
    are much higher level than you by using this technique. Running
    straight-on at an enemy will quickly spell your doom if you're low
    level. In Book II you will use not just your sword, but learn magic and
    be able to use fireballs against your enemy.

    Character Interaction - Again, simple!
    Bump into someone to talk to them. I mentioned a new way to interact
    with characters, too. This is for Book II only, as I recall. If you
    equip certain items before talking to someone (flowers, apples, herbs,
    rhoda tree fruits, etc), a though bubble will pop up with a picture of
    the item in it. If you click Give (or Yes, or whatever it asks), you
    will give the item to the person you're about to talk to. This will
    make them like you more. The more they like you, the more information
    they'll share... and sometimes they will give you things that you can't
    get in the game, otherwise! You can change how the main female
    character reacts to you by the number of flowers (or other items) you give her, and it will change the ending of the story!
    TIP: Save the game before offering items
    to people. Sometimes it takes four items for them to give you something
    in return, sometimes they won't do anything special for you at all.

    EQUIPMENT - Like any RPG, you will find and/or buy new equiptment as you progress through the game(s). You MUST REMEMBER to equip your sword, armor, special items and/or magic wands! If you don't manually equip them, you're not using them!!!

    ITEMS - There are two types of items in the
    Ys games: The kind you can use in combat, and the kind you can use at
    any other time (although there are some all-the-time items you can use
    in combat, too, such as healing herbs). You will have two screens - one
    for Equipment and one for Items.
    If you "equip" an item from the Items
    screen, you can usually use it in combat. You can also offer that item
    (some of them) to other characters in the game, as described above in Character Interaction.
    Equipment will show your armor, the item
    you currently have equipped and (in Book II) any rings you might have.
    The rings work towards resisting damage, slowing down the enemy, upping
    your protection, etc. Memory is slightly fuzzy, it's probably been
    about a year since I played

    Soundtrack - Really good. The music changes depending on where you are and what you're doing. I think it's lovely.

    LENGTH - I don't see any way you could make
    it through even Book I in a single day, much less the entire game.
    This is a nice LONG game, and one you can walk away from for a while if
    you need a break. (Though it's compelling, it's hard to stop!)

    First, a description of why this is free. From what I understand, this
    expanded version of Ys Book I and II was made but they decided not to
    bother translating it into English. Someone in the US (a fan group? a
    company?) translated the game into English for us, so that we can enjoy
    it, too. ^__^ As far as I know, free download is the only way you can
    get it - I have not found any English version for sale. It's old enough
    that I can't even find it on Falcom's official site.

    You can download this game via torrent (I know you don't like torrents,
    Khat, but it's the only way I know of to get it!) at ISO hunt here: http://isohunt.com/l...rnal%20Complete - Choose the (currently second one down), Ys I and II Eternal Complete English-ELAZUL

    This game is almost a gigabyte in size, and worth every bit of space it takes on your hard drive. In Ys Eternal, Book I and Book II
    are loaded separately via a .bat file. You finish Book I, exit, then
    enter Book II. If you feel like it, you can skip Book I entirely
    (though I don't recommend it until you play through Book I at least
    once). You do not carry forward equipment or items, but there is a VERY
    good and logical reason why you don't, hence the perfect break between
    Book I and Book II.

    If anyone decides to play the game, be sure to look for a walkthrough or
    ask for tips here in this thread. DO NOT enter Darm Tower (in Book I)
    without saving first - you can't get back out, and... something else
    that I won't go into unless asked, just a warning

    A comprehensive Ys site: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/ys/ys.htm

    They do a wonderful job explaining the world of Ys - much better than my
    attempt. PLUS there are MP3 downloads from the game and more!

    In 2001, Falcom bundled both Eternal games, enhanced
    the graphics on the first title to make them match the brilliance of
    the second, and released them together under the name Ys Complete, this
    time with a fully animated intro. While the plans to release this
    package in America fell through, a fan translated patch exists that puts
    90% of these games in English, as well as enabling play on non-Japanese
    Windows systems.

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