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    The Last Days


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    The Last Days Empty The Last Days

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:33 pm

    The Last Days
    by Gamers Digital (Publisher) - June, 2013

    Available at:

    The Last Days 202230

    Can you defeat the enemy and save the earth? An ancient enemy returns and the fate of the world is in your hands when you play The Last Days, a curious and educational hidden object adventure. Learn about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, and discover clues left by advanced civilizations eons ago.

    You're long overdue for a vacation, so you head out to the Bahamas looking for the refreshment of sun, sea, and sand. Your diving excursions reveal mysterious artifacts strangely out of place. Can you piece together the clues in time?

    • Explore over 40 gorgeous locations and richly detailed scenes.
    • Use the diary to keep track of important information that you'll refer to as you collect more clues and understand more of what is required of you.
    • Solve fun and interesting puzzles and mini-games.
    • Participate in the thrilling action story.

    The Last Days 1
    The Last Days 2
    The Last Days 3

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    The Last Days O9fj

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    The Last Days Empty The Last Days-

    Post by JustTheFacts on Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:54 am

    The Last Days

    Story:  Discover clues left by advanced civilizations and stop the return of an ancient enemy in The Last Days! While on vacation you find strange out of place artifacts. How did these objects get here? What are they supposed to do? It's up to you, the clock is running and Earth is counting on you!

    Developer: Ocean Media
    Release Date: Jul 2013
    Different, Simpler Style Of Gameplay ***
    This game is really quite different from any other game I’ve seen lately, so I’m finding it a little hard to describe it to you. I’m going to try to do it step by step.

    You are due for a holiday, so you set off in your CESSNA for BIMINI to do a little diving and salvaging. Once you arrive, you enter the airport and browse the brochures. One or more will be highlighted by your cursor changing to a magnifier. (By the way, if you want to use the custom cursor, you have to select it, and you must do so every time you reopen the game.)

    The information the BROCHURES give you will allow you to leave the airport and get the TAXI. You will then see a MAP with the available LOCATIONS, and you move there.

    Each location gives you a little more information or an inventory item, but never very much at one time. The items are usually used immediately, and you may have to return to the same source of information (e.g. Museum) several times. Within a given LOCALE, you will travel by TAXI (ie. The map). Moving from one locale to another is done in the PLANE.

    BLACK BAR COMMENTS, your JOURNAL, and HINT are all available (and needed) to help you sort out where next to go. They give specific suggestions (e.g. It’s time for a dive now).

    You don’t really do much compared to the amount of information provided for the STORY, but you must go through these steps in order to PROGRESS. Having completed all the tasks needed for one locale, the GAME/JOURNAL will tell you where to fly your plane.

    You have VERY FEW HO SCENES to find items, they are not interactive, WORD LISTS, with the highlighted item being your inventory item. As well, some inventory items are retrieved through the EVEN FEWER PUZZLES. None of these are difficult. But they are also NOT CENTRAL to the game. In fact, to my mind the game really only consists of GATHERING INFORMATION.
    All this travelling is leading us to the conclusion that there are aliens among us, but it takes a long time to get there. The STORY itself looks VERY INTERESTING, so I am sorry it is not better presented.

    This is not a game I would enjoy, despite some good production qualities, and the attraction of being different, because it moves TOO SLOWLY. But that’s just me.

    I am sure there are some people who will enjoy this game, if they like easy adventures and fact finding.

    I am on the fence, and can neither recommend or not.

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