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    Fun Enclave - A Free Online Arcade


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    Fun Enclave - A Free Online Arcade Empty Fun Enclave - A Free Online Arcade

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:10 pm

    This site is just wonderful. You don't have to register to have access to the great plethora of games unless you want your high scores to be saved ;)

    Fun Enclave

    Not all links are at Fun Enclave, but most of them are.

    Links to favorite games
    In alphabetical order:

    # to B:
    12 Swap
    2 Hand Poker
    2 Many Bugs
    3 Card Poker
    625 Sandwich Stacker
    Aerial MahJong
    Anko Mako
    Atlantis Quest
    Ball of Madness
    Beaver Blast
    Beaver Dive
    Blast Billiards
    Brasil Slingo
    Brickshooter Egypt
    Burger Time

    C to F

    Christmas (Mahjong) Tiles
    Christmas Adventure
    Christmas Bounce
    Christmas DIY
    Christmas Matching
    Click Santa
    Clicken Gold
    Coffee Tycoon
    Crazy 7's Slingo
    Cribbage Master
    Domino Pressure (squash the tomatoes!)
    Finger Footy
    Flash Tiles
    Free Cell Solitaire by Arcadium
    Free Cell Solitaire
    Free Frosty

    G to L:

    Gold Miner I
    Gold Miner II
    Gold Miner Vegas
    Gold Strike
    Golden Gate Drop
    Great Mahjong: Classic
    Hang Stan
    Inuyasha - Hop 'til You Drop
    Inuyasha - The Minute Game
    Jewel of Atlantis
    Jungle Fruit
    Kakato Otoshi
    Kenoka Slingo
    Klax 3-D
    Lightning Pool
    Liong: The Dragon Dance (Mahjong)
    Looney Tunes Mahjong

    M to P:

    Mahjong 247
    MahJong Connect
    Mahjong Medley
    Mahjongg solitaire by Arkadium
    Mancala Snails
    Marvin's Lucky 13 Solitaire
    Marvin's Speed
    Monkey Cliff Diving
    Moon Lander
    Mr. Don
    Nanaca Crash
    Outdraw Poker
    Patience Deluxe
    Pool Master
    Pyramid Solitaire

    Q to S:

    Railway Line
    Rudolph's Revenge
    Santa Copter
    Santa Sack
    Santa Snowboard
    Santa's Bulging Sack
    Seal Bounce
    Sheriff Tripeaks
    Slingo 2-hand Poker
    Slingo Absolutely Poker
    Slingo Crazy 7's
    Slingo Deluxe <--UPDATED 12/22/07
    Slingo Joker Poker
    Slingo Para-Dice (Yahtzee)
    Snowfight by Miniclip
    Sokoban move the object into the slot - can only push
    Solitaire Golf Slingo
    Solitaire Slingo
    Speartoss 5 Shots
    Spiderman Web of Words
    Sports Smash
    Survivor Fishing

    T to Z:

    Texas Hold'em Poker
    The Fisher
    The Rise of Atlantis
    This Means War
    Tower Blaster
    Try Dem Perks
    Turbo Turtle
    Twins on Ice
    Typing Master
    Ultimate Greed Poker Slingo
    Valentine Tiles
    Wacky Word Wiz
    Wheel of Fortune
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
    Word Craze
    WOW Connect (Mahjong, World of Warcraft-style)
    X Pipes
    Yahtzee 23
    Yeti 7 Snowboard Freeride
    Yeti 8 Jungle Swing
    Yeti 9 Final Spit
    Yeti Bubbles
    Yeti I Greece
    Yeti Long Shot: Porpoheus
    Yeti Longshot Version I
    Yeti Pengu Throw
    Yeti Pentathlon
    Yeti Sports 1.5
    Yeti Sports 10 Icicle Climb
    Yeti Strikes Back
    Yetisports 10 Icicle Climb
    Yetisports 2 Orca Slap
    Zodiac Tower
    Zoo Keeper

    Albatross Overload
    Big Wave
    Final Spit
    Flamingo Drive
    Icicle Climb
    Jungle Swing
    Orca Slap
    Seal Bounce
    Yeti Puzzlekick
    Yeti Sports Olympics
    Yeti Strikes Back

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    Posts : 8306
    Join date : 2011-12-29
    Age : 46
    Location : Pacific Northwest

    Fun Enclave - A Free Online Arcade Empty Re: Fun Enclave - A Free Online Arcade

    Post by genkicoll on Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:22 pm

    So sad... after 7 years, Fun Enclave is no longer. That being said, any link in the first post that leads to Fun Enclave will no longer work. I will leave this thread since not every link goes to FE, and just seeing the names of the games is nostalgic for me. Smile Perhaps I will find another free online arcade that hosts some of these games, and I can update the links. For now though farewell to Fun Enclave -- you had a good run! Fun Enclave - A Free Online Arcade 1404866550

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