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    Family Tales: The Sisters


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    Family Tales: The Sisters Empty Family Tales: The Sisters

    Post by genkicoll on Mon May 20, 2013 10:50 am

    Family Tales: The Sisters
    by Deep Shadows - May, 2013

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC

    Family Tales: The Sisters Family-tales-the-sisters_feature

    Over and over the same nightmare is following you: your sister Anna is trapped in a strange existence, begging you to help her escape. But what if these are not just random nightmares? Worried and stressed, you drive to your parents' house only to find it hollow and cold. As you try to follow the hints and footsteps left by your sister, the distant memories of childhood are conjured around you, and your sister’s story of psychological trauma is revealed. As you make your way through one empty, dilapidated room after another, you realize that the once familiar home of your family is now a terrifying psychiatric asylum, and you have somehow entered another world: the doom reality of the Dark Lord. Will you be able to find your sister and bring her back from this horrible reality? Can you stop the Dark Lord?

    • Non-linear puzzle adventure gameplay
    • Mind-boggling puzzles
    • Interesting storyline

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    Family Tales: The Sisters Th_screen1 _Family Tales: The Sisters Th_screen2_ Family Tales: The Sisters Th_screen3

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
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    Family Tales: The Sisters O9fj

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    Family Tales: The Sisters Empty Re: Family Tales: The Sisters

    Post by JustTheFacts on Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:18 pm

    Fine Game For A Coupon

    Sunny Sunny Sunny


    When the hour was up, I was immersed in an aquarium puzzle, and was surprised to see the time. Definitely signs of a good game.

    This is not one of your ‘OMG!’ kind of games. It’s a STRAIGHTFORWARD HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE, with none of the BELLS & WHISTLES we’ve seen so much of lately.

    The GRAPHICS are FINE, no more. The SAME for the SOUND. There is a DIRECTIONAL HINT, a JOURNAL (that I found less than helpful), NO MAP.

    The STORY is nothing new, one SISTER dreams the other is in DANGER, and rushes over to FIND SISTER GONE, and a great UNSOLVED MYSTERY from their past.

    Having said all that, for those who enjoy GOOD GAMEPLAY, these things are all peripheral. The GAME has a fair number of HOS, of 2 TYPES – interactive LIST, and what I call PROGRESSIVE SILHOUETTE, where finding one object leads to another and another until you get the INVENTORY ITEM.

    In a good balance are the RELATIVELY EASY but fairly ORIGINAL and interesting PUZZLES & MINI GAMES.

    This is not a game to get overly excited about, but it’s definitely solid entertainment and I expect most people will enjoy it.

    (For the EXPERTS, 3 modes of play.)

    I Recommend This Game!

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