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    How To Keep Guests Happy


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    How To Keep Guests Happy

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:39 pm

    Tips to keep your guests happy:

    #1 - Animals, animals, animals.
    Make sure there are animals visible from
    every which way the guests may happen to turn. This isn't going to help
    at all, and may even have the opposite effect, if your animals aren't
    happy. Therefore:

    - Reach for that 100% suitibility rating on your exhibits! A high
    suitability will make for happy animals.

    - Make sure your animals are not feeling crowded by too many guests. If
    you see that your animals are feeling crowded, use a fence that your
    guests can't see through on much of your exhibit, leaving only a few
    viewing areas where they can see in. This is especially important on
    your shy animals such as pandas, many of the leopard species, etc. Also,
    NEVER put your pathway directly touching the fence of the exhibit on
    your shy animals. I recommend always keeping a tile between your pathway
    and your exhibit, since even the most social of animals will feel
    crowded by 1000 guests meandering past their exhibits

    - Be sure that you don't have too many animals in your exhibits. Nothing
    will anger an animal more quickly than being crowded by their own
    species. If they get crowded, find the newest animals in the exhibit,
    make sure to leave at least one male and one female, and sell off the
    older animals - this will prevent losing animals to old age, thus giving
    you a nice financial boost

    - Keep a zookeeper assigned to the exhibit. This will prevent the
    exhibits from getting filled with too much poo (which the animals really
    hate), and the presence of the zookeeper gives the animals a happiness
    boost. I recommend putting the gates to exhibits close together (if not
    touching), so that the zookeeper can easily go from one exhibit to the

    #2 - FOOD!
    Guests have needs - hunger, thirst, bathroom and energy. While they have
    these needs, they don't necessarily want them filled My biggest problem
    when I first started playing Zoo Tycoon is that I could never make my
    guests happy no matter HOW many restaurants and rest areas I put in!
    Truth be told, your guests would rather have all their needs at ZERO
    than to have too many places to fill their needs! Therefore:

    - DON'T put in too many restaurants/rest areas. When you DO put in these
    things, be sure to make them easily accessible to the guests.

    #3 - Attractions
    We all know that the guests enjoy the attractions - Aviaries, reptile or
    insect houses etc, but how much do they really like them? This one I'm
    unsure of. In my experience, the guests would much rather see an exhibit
    filled with happy animals than to go to an attraction. In my current
    zoo, my zoo rating is at 98 and guest happiness also at 98...and the
    only attraction in my zoo is an animal theatre.

    #4 - Marine Shows
    If you have the Complete Collection and/or Marine Mania, you've probably
    tried having shows in your zoo. For happy guests, turn off your shows
    because they'd rather sit at a show than take care of themselves. Turn
    the shows on only for short periods of time, then turn them off again so
    guests will take care of their needs

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