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    The Saint: Abyss Of Despair


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    The Saint: Abyss Of Despair  Empty The Saint: Abyss Of Despair

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:59 pm

    The Saint: Abyss Of Despair
    by Alawar / Happy Artist

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC
    Legacy Games

    The Saint: Abyss Of Despair  The-saint-abyss-of-despair_feature

    An ex-priest becomes entangled in a nightmare scenario when he travels to Africa to investigate an alleged possession. Guide this tortured soul as he works feverishly to solve a horrifying supernatural mystery and save the life of an innocent child!

    An ex-priest who believes the Evil One lives in him becomes entangled in a nightmare scenario when he travels to Africa to investigate an alleged demonic possession. Guide this tortured soul as he works feverishly to solve a horrifying supernatural mystery and save the life of an innocent child!

    Nicknamed The Saint for how he devoted his life to God after a Bible stopped shrapnel from piercing his heart in battle, John hopes to somehow help his cousin, who lost his wife to African fever and whose daughter has been behaving strangely. But the moment he steps onto his cousin's sweltering estate, he begins seeing strange things and blacking out for hours on end. Soon, the young girl speaks of "She," an ethereal presence he's angered with his arrival. With each location you explore, each hidden object you find, each character you encounter, and each puzzle you solve, you'll not only move toward a shocking revelation but also piece together a cunning solution.

    Compelling and highly playable, The Saint: Abyss of Despair will draw you in with its intense opening monologue and hold you in its grip until you've experienced every breathtaking moment!

    • Learn-as-you-play tutorial
    • Casual and Expert modes
    • Solve the mystery!

    Click images to enlarge
    The Saint: Abyss Of Despair  Th_screen1 _The Saint: Abyss Of Despair  Th_screen2_ The Saint: Abyss Of Despair  Th_screen3

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    The Saint: Abyss Of Despair  O9fj

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    The Saint: Abyss Of Despair  Empty Re: The Saint: Abyss Of Despair

    Post by JustTheFacts on Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:14 pm

    Odd But Refreshing ***


    This has got to be one of the strangest games I’ve ever tried, but should not be written off because of that.

    Set in Africa, with wonderful ambiance music and sounds, and visuals that match the dry dusty environment, it is a story of demonic possession (we think), of a small girl who appears to be fine – some of the time, and you are an ex-soldier and ex-priest who is himself possessed (he thinks). The story of how THAT all came about is yet to be fully revealed.

    The story’s pulled me in already. It’s different, set in an unusual location, within an exotic culture, and a whole lot of mystery going on. The game would have to be a lot worse to stop me seeing it to the end. And with all the demons we hear about in these games, we rarely hear from the other team – those whose job it is to stop evil in all its forms.

    I admit, the game is no masterpiece. First of all, the intro to the character and story go on way too long, with a lot of information that doesn’t appear relevant, but at least some of it certainly is, based on what I saw in the trial. The cutscenes are good, the graphics too, and all of it very different to what we’re used to. Certainly not difficult to see, and much to explore. My verdict on visuals;  a little better than okay.

    The game has 35 locations, I think they said, and about 4 puzzles to 1 HOS. Puzzles so far are easy, again with a different take, HOS particularly interesting  because they are set in an environment full of unfamiliar objects.  There are some delightful touches of authenticity that impress me. Like not dipping directly into the fresh water barrel. I like too that ”it’s impolite to go through people’s wardrobes.”

    The purists will be pleased to know that even on easy mode, you have to be looking for the sparkles to see them, and I actually missed a few until I got a handle on it.

    The demo took me 53 minutes on easy with some time out for fiddling with the options. There’s choice of 2 game modes, and an aspect ratio toggle, full screen, and music and sound sliders.

    I suggest you take advantage of the sound slider because there’s one thing I’m holding back. The voiceovers are THE worst I’ve ever heard. They sound like someone who cannot read trying to tell a bedside story to a child who does not speak English. Yup, that bad. However, luckily the music gives you enough atmosphere that you can ‘silence the voices’, and skip.

    So with some trepidation I am looking forward to my African adventure and finding out just who is possessed by what and what needs to be done about it. Hope you’ll come with me!

    I recommend this game!

    Afterthought: Upon completion of the game, I'd have to say it is one of the best standalone standard editions I've played.

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