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    Les Miserables: Cosette's Fate


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    Les Miserables: Cosette's Fate

    Post by genkicoll on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:05 pm

    Les Miserables: Cosette's Fate
    by Anuman Interactive - January, 2013

    Available at:
    Big Fish
    iWin (simply called "Les Miserables" but is the same game)

    Help a young girl escape poverty in Les Misérables - Cosette's Fate, a remarkable tale based on the literary work of art.

    Montfermeil, France, 1826. Fantine lives in poverty and is doing whatever she can just to get by. Forced to look for work in the city, she leaves her little girl Cosette at the Thénardiers' boarding house. Unfortunately, unknown to Fantine, the Thénardiers are dishonest innkeepers - constantly exploiting and abusing the young Cosette. Will you help this little girl escape her life of servitude?

    Step into the young Cosette's shoes and join her in making a better life for herself in this video game adaptation of Victor Hugo's brilliant work. Use your wits to escape from the clutches of the spiteful innkeepers as you search for important objects and solve challenging puzzles. Meet many of the famous characters including Jean Valjean and see many of the majestic locations. With an incredible atmosphere, detailed interactive environments, and an unforgettable story, you'll rediscover one of the greatest novels in the history of literature in a whole new way.

    •    Experience the literary tale as never before in this magnificent Hidden Object game.
    •    Step into Cosette's shoes and help her find a better life.
    •    Search for important objects and solve challenging puzzles.
    •    Meet many of the famous characters including Jean Valjean.
    •    Enjoy an incredible atmosphere and rediscover one of the greatest novels.

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