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    Twilight School


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    Twilight School Empty Twilight School

    Post by genkicoll on Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:35 pm

    Twilight School
    by Anngames Studio - December, 2012 (Big Fish's release date)

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC

    Twilight School Twilight-school_feature

    Prepare yourself to enter the magical world of Twilight School! When Lily was young, her mother and father left her without reason or explanation. Years later a stranger named Hovenheim gives her a box with a letter from her mother. Lily discovers that her mother has been enslaved in the Dark World. Make your way to the Twilight School to save your mother. Explore the classrooms and garden while speaking with the students and teachers to uncover the truth about the school's sinister past!

    • Mysterious locations
    • Tons of Hidden Objects
    • Save your mother!

    Click images to enlarge
    Twilight School Th_screen1 Twilight School Th_screen2 Twilight School Th_screen3

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

    Twilight School O9fj

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