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    Post by genkicoll on Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:56 pm

    by Aldorlea / Warfare Studios - Nov. 2012

    Available at:

    Gallow is a young boy that is pre-destined to become a True Knight, one of the world's most treasured titles. When he is summoned by the Crusaders and forced to leave his village of Hermon, his friend Liza can't resist the urge to secretly follow him. But when a legendary monster attacks them both at night, she realizes that she, like Gallow, may also have more in her than meets the eye. Can the two of them have what it takes to preserve the world from the rise of the Blight?

    Play Opaline and discover what awaits Gallow and Liza!

    • Visible monsters and mouse control!
    • Play two split parties with their own characters and inventory!
    • Find numerous Secret Rooms in dungeons!
    • Explore and collect up to 14 relics!
    • Help people on your way and complete the many sidequests the game has to offer!
    • Pick one mode among three (easy-normal-hard) to fit your playing style - an Aldorlea signature!
    • Discover Gallow and Liza's destiny - can they end up together when their fates seem to pull them apart?

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