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    Twilight of the Gods


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    Twilight of the Gods

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:14 pm

    Twilight of the Gods
    by Default Games - October, 2012

    Available at:

    Uncover a conspiracy that spans centuries!

    One hundred years after a terrible war, the world lives in a fragile peace. In the desert trading post of Dikea, a young boy named Marduk grows up in a peaceful culture of farmers. When a mysterious object falls into his father's cabbage patch, Marduck discovers an ancient secret that could change the world.

    Discover a grand conspiracy! Help a young farmboy avenge his father's death! Uncover the secrets of a mysterious amulet! Enter the world of Götterdämmerung!

    • *More than 30 hours of playtime
    • *More than 2 hours of custom music
    • *Tons of finely hand-crafted minigames (game consoles including Pong and a text adventure game, car chases, whack-a-mole style games, and lots more)
    • *Mouse support
    • *Fully animated sideview battles
    • *Fully custom faceset graphics
    • *Vehicle system with player-controllable cars and tanks
    • *Unlockable bonus features

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