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    Sylia (RPG)


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    Sylia (RPG)

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:53 am

    by Aldorlea - September, 2012

    Available at:
    Big Fish  Act 1
    iWin Act 1

    Three gigantic and mysterious cubes have landed on Sylia's main islands. Inside them, unknown creatures are plotting on how to take control of the lands and extract the planet's energy. The only thing that stands in the mysterious invader's way are a hardy group of adventurers. Will Sylia unite during this conflict and repel the alien invaders or will the planet be drained of life forever?

    • A huge and stand-alone adventure
    • Bright, colorful and original graphics
    • 30+ characters
    • 20+ sidequests
    • 100+ skills
    • Plenty of items including 16 relics and artifacts
    • Questbook
    • Change Party System
    • Options Menu
    • Configurable Battle Speed
    • Adjustable Difficulty!
    • Visible Monsters!
    • Multiple Endings!
    • Vehicles!
    • Strategy Guide (Big Fish)

    Click images to enlarge

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