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    Northern Tale (Builder)


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    Northern Tale (Builder) Empty Northern Tale (Builder)

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:42 pm

    Northern Tale
    by Realore - September, 2012

    Series links: Northern Tale, Northern Tale 2, Northern Tale 3

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Northern Tale (Builder) Northern-tale_feature

    The Vikings have come with Northern Tale!

    A beautiful legend filled with magic, bravery and amazing adventures!

    The story of Northern Tale begins in the lands of the mighty Viking king Ragnar. He returns home and finds his kingdom cursed and his sorceress-daughters stolen by the wicked witch. Ragnar embarks on a journey to save his family and cleanse his kingdom of evil.

    In his journey Viking king is assisted by his brave companions: fearless Druid and cunning Exorcist.  Together they will face countless dangers. In her rage the witch stole all the colors from the lands, inhabited forests with fierce beasts and her undead guards.  Use your wisdom, magic and might to restore the balance and defeat the evil!

    Travel across beautiful forests filled with mythical creatures! Find Ragnar’s daughters and defeat the witch!

    • Three season-themed episodes
    • Detailed graphics and awesome visuals
    • Bring color back into the world

    Click images to enlarge
    Northern Tale (Builder) Th_screen1_ Northern Tale (Builder) Th_screen2_ Northern Tale (Builder) Th_screen3

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

    Northern Tale (Builder) O9fj

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